Variety with a Concealed Carry Camera

I am using these samples of some pictures that I made recently while I was out and had a 40X P&S camera in my pocket.  The camera, a Canon SX720 HS, may only have a small sensor and only produce jpeg pictures, but it produces images such as these.  Also note that the Heron and the House Finch pictures were taken at the maximum zoom.

For those who wonder how I am using it, I am still experimenting, but it seems to work best for me with the exposure dialed back at least to -1.  Since this darkens the view in the LCD and since I am mostly using the camera out in bright sunlight, I have brightened the LCD the maximum amount in order to see well enough to compose the image and also review it afterwards.

I change the exposure by -1 to -2 stops to reduce the ISO and increase the shutter speed.  While the image stabilization works well, it is hard to hold the camera steady at the maximum zoom and that means it is hard to focus on what I want since I can’t hold it steady.  Holding it handheld for maximum zoom is hit and miss so I try to hold the camera against something like a tree or corner of a building or even on top of my cane when photographing something a long way off.  I plan to try using it on a monopod one of these days.

For those who are considering getting and using this camera I would also like to inform you that I use Adobe LR software to crop and tweak the exposure mostly; but I often make other adjustments to the images.  Your experiences using the camera might be different if you don’t make software adjustments to the images before printing them.

My only concerns with the camera are with the lens zooming in and out when I keep turning the camera on and off.  I often just carry the camera in my hand, and then using just one hand, I move it into shooting position, and turn it on.  The lens then extends and I often zoom it out to the maximum position.  After taking a picture I then turn it off, still just using one hand, and the lens collapses into the camera. If I start moving the camera too quickly in my hand I touch the lens as it is moving.  I have concerns that one of these days the lens zoom mechanism will fail due to either my pressure on it or due to dust getting into the moving barrel.  You have to keep in mind that I turn the camera on and off a lot … dozens of times each day.