Going Smaller in Town

Yesterday I went to town, parked my car in the square, and walked around a few blocks.  It was an area that I often photographed about 2-4 years ago; but I wanted to try something different this year.  This time I used a small pocket travel zoom camera, the Canon SX720 HS with a 40x zoom.  It only produces jpeg files but I have still tweaked them into a style that I think works well with the jpegs in Adobe LR.

One problem that I had in the past was that my cameras (I used different ones) attracted attention and, if I used a long zoom lens, even more attention as well as lots of weight to carry.  This time I wanted to try a small camera that didn’t attract attention which could be carried in a pocket or the palm of my hand and which had a very long zoom lens.

The above are two of my test samples.  My desire is to eventually utilize the compression and the great depth of field (DoF) of the small sensor and lens to create a particular style of image.  The above images don’t demonstrate it yet.  These were chosen to test out whether I could hold the camera steady enough at maximum zoom and to see how good the DoF was.  Over the coming days I’ll show you more images that I made in town as I ease towards a style I’m interested in.

You can see the physical size differences and the maximum zoomed images of both the Olympus E-M5II with the 75-300 mm zoom lens and the Canon SX720 HS in the images below.  Both are zoomed all the way out and were hand held.  Also, I will remind you that this Olympus micro 4/3 setup is smaller than any of my previous APS sensor cameras.  The Canon is a lot smaller than earlier camera systems I owned.  For several years now I have been on a campaign to see how small I can go and still retain appropriate image quality.

You can tell which image was taken with each camera since the effective zoom of the Canon was greater at 720mm.  Also, when comparing the images, remember that the Canon image is a 20MP jpeg and the Olympus image is 16MP and was taken raw and converted to a jpeg using LR.  In my opinion the Canon is a better camera for my use in town.

PS, the Canon is a good travel camera if you only photograph in bright light and stay out of dusty conditions.  I wish I had it when I traveled in Egypt and Tunisia and Costa Rica; but I would have also taken my Olympus TG-4 for use in the rain of Costa Rica and the dust of Tunisia.  For the conditions in Ireland, my micro 4/3 camera with a prime lens worked better when I carried it in my rain jacket pocket. I had more indoor pictures there as well as the darker cloudy conditions sometimes.