B&W Conversion of jpeg Images

This is a picture that I made quickly while walking and it didn’t work well originally as shown in color above.  The color version is the jpeg straight out of the camera.  As you can see there was a wide spread between light and dark with lack of details in both areas.  Since I was curious as to how the image would respond to adjustments, I used Silver Efex Pro 2 and one of my presets to convert it to monochrome.  I am pleased.  As you can see it brought out the details in both the bright and dark areas and balanced the lighting more favorably.  Now, I need to work on compositions and make more monochrome images with the little Canon SX720 HS.

I haven’t been taking pictures with the iPhone6 since I got the small Canon except for the following picture where I used the iPhone6 with the same above Silver Efex Pro 2 conversion.  Note the size of the Canon when it is off and you will see why it is always in my pocket.   It is longer when zoomed out to max.  See that picture by clicking here.