Trying Something Else

I am in the process of making several changes in my photography.  These changes are in my camera gear, what I photograph, and for whom I photograph.  One change is that I am shifting into photographing people more than before; and it is going to have an impact on my blog.

Before I acquired my current cameras and lenses, I used Fujifilm gear.  While doing that I got the idea that I needed to go with longer focal length lenses in order to increase my opportunities.  Since the Fujifilm long zoom lenses were large and heavy, I switched to micro 4/3 gear.  Those cameras were a compromise based on the fact that I hadn’t been making many pictures indoors at Homewood events.

After Canon developed the 40X zoom small sensor pocket camera, the SX720 HS, I acquired one … again with the idea that it would increase my opportunities since I could easily carry it with me.  I also found that it worked for making images in and around town.  I especially liked the fact that it had a very long reach in capability and that it didn’t attract much attention.  Since I like lots of colorful details that are compressed in street images similar to above and in previous posts, I hope to use it more deliberately to get more people images in public places … images with compression and superposition of odd objects and colors.  The above are some of my test images as I was formulating my ideas.  I still have to implement it with better compositions.

At about the same time that I started thinking about how I might photograph people on the streets of Hanover, I was asked to take some more pictures for Homewood … images that I can’t use in my blog due to privacy concerns.  Making those images made me realize how much practice I need in photographing people.  It is something that I have done little of since I mostly make pictures for my blog.  I then decided that the best way to get practice is to go back to photographing events here at Homewood.  After some discussions with members of the staff, I decided to try and make lots of images that portray all of the many things there are to do at Homewood.  But I rapidly determined that my micro 4/3 cameras are no longer ideal for such images.  I am therefore going to look into replacing at least some of them with the Fujifilm X-E2s.

I have chosen the Fujifilm X-E2s to try first since I like the way Fuji images work with people in many ways.  First the quality of the pictures of people taken with it are better than with the smaller sensor micro 4/3 cameras.  Second, I have grown to prefer “range finder style” cameras vice DSLR style cameras, and third I think the size and weight of the X-E2s with the 18-55mm lens is almost identical to the Olympus E-M5ii with the Panasonic 12-35mm lens.  If this is true (I haven’t received the Fujifilm gear yet), I will have increased image quality in low light that is better at no increase in system size and weight.  Another thing that I am hoping for is suitable image quality with less work on my part while processing them.

To keep the weight and cost of the Fuji system down to a manageable level, I don’t plan to acquire many lenses and I don’t plan to get long focal length lenses.  I may limit them to the 18-55mm zoom lens and one prime lens … either the 18mm, 27mm, or 35mm lens, but most likely a 35mm lens.  That will mean that I will only be using the Canon SX720 HS camera for my long focal length images.

This is getting long, so I better get to the bottom line which is: it is very likely that I won’t have as many pictures to post in my blog and thus I won’t be posting as frequently.  I could easily take pictures everyday of Homewood events, crafts, etc. since there are so many.  In addition, I could be making lots of pictures.  On one-day last week I managed to take over 400 pictures of Homewood activities.  It takes me a lot of time to take the pictures and  longer to select and process them.  Considering that I am getting older and that I have other things to do and that even I get tired of taking and processing pictures on the computer, I will not be posting as often.