Using Left Hand


Sometimes my hands feel like paws rather than hands with nimble fingers.  That is due to arthritis.  In addition, my middle fingers on my right hand get cold and also lose the feeling in the fingertips.  When that happens it is uncomfortable to use the touchpad on my Mac since I am right-handed, so I have been learning to use both hands together, and my left hand alone, more and more.  I figure that by winter I might need to use the left hand exclusively.

That is one reason that I switched from a PC to a Mac.  With the PC my right hand would get very cold while using the mouse.  I use to keep a heating pad under the mouse to help warm my hand.  I hoped that by switching to the Mac touchpad, which I like much better than PC pads, that I could become ambidextrous, and use just a left hand if necessary.  I can.