Experimenting with Details

160707-101148-16JEH-EditSince I have only been making pictures based on what I see as I take walks, do my volunteer chores, and also go to and from my photographing of activities here for internal purposes, I have been at a loss for photographs to use in my blog.  I also miss the opportunity to experiment with different styles and process pictures in a more artful rendition.

The image on the right is one of my experiments to capture details as I go about my endeavors and then process it in different styles to see if I can find one that works for me.  Since photography is just the capturing of light and shadows and/or colors, I am trying to emphasize them in details.  I made this image from a picture I took as I walked down the steps in the Community Center.  The light along with the grain caught my attention.

One of many issues I am dealing with is whether to concentrate on making B&W or color images.  Usually, one scheme works better than the other, but not always.  I like both variations with the following image, but I prefer the B&W version.