Abstract Details 1

I like to make images similar to these for the following reasons:

  • They are simple in composition and mostly independent of location.
  • I can make them with my pocket camera, or any camera.
  • I can make them from jpeg image files.
  • They give me an opportunity to utilize my computer software to process them.
  • They are different from the hundreds of pictures of activities at Homewood that I’m not showing on my blog; i.e., my other fun work.
  • They are fun to make.
  • I like them.

One idea is to make a bunch of them for a period of time.  I made all of these one morning with my pocket camera.  Later in the year, I might select the best from the year and publish them in a book, even if only a digital pdf book, just for the fun of it.  I have been researching book making and I liked what Mike Chisholm did with “Boundary Elements revisited.”

I made these as an experiment to test out how large, or small, of a detail I preferred.  I think I am finding that it depends on the subject.  I am also finding that I prefer man-made objects rather than natural scenes.  I need to explore making more that are smaller and some that are larger and I doubt that I will be consistent since subjects of opportunity will change depending on where I am.

Another reason for me making these kinds of images is that I will probably be spending most of my remaining years looking for images where there really aren’t many; but I will still try to make some, like these.

I will probably make most of them in color like above, but will occasionally also make some as monochromes; but, since I thrive on varieties of images, I will not just make these types of images.  I will continue to make some flower and mini-landscape images that encompass a wider view.

I also like to make larger detail images, of building segments, street scenes, window reflections, etc.  When you get right down to it I like to make pictures, and will make them from what I see around me, anytime, anywhere.  My biggest problem is seeing them.  It isn’t a visual issue; it is a mind issue.  I have to get “in the zone” when looking for, and seeing, images of a particular type and size in a particular area.  For those reasons, it takes me a while, and after I get started seeing things, I tend to make a series of images at one time.