Changes in my Approach to Photography

160714-201603-16JEHAs I thought more about what to do with my photography and blog, I realized that there are some things that needed to be addressed.  First, I have been running out of time for photographing and writing for my blog, second, I haven’t been happy with what I have been producing, and third, I prefer having a purpose for why I’m making pictures; therefore, I am going to make some changes.

Someone once said, I do not remember who, that our choices are to either learn, try new things, and live, or else decay and die.  I chose to learn and try new things thus, I am shifting my photography toward different projects and away from daily snapshots of a dull life.

I hope to create some deliberate, purposeful longer-term projects rather than a daily post.  The primary one I am working on at the moment is making pictures about activities at Homewood at Plum Creek.  I hope to eventually make a picture book about them.  This is a longer-term effort, around six months, and is currently the primary focus of my photography.  Since few, if any, of those pictures are suitable for my blog, I will have longer gaps between posts; i.e., no more almost daily posts.

I hope to also pursue some other projects that will eventually give me groups of pictures around a few themes, but they will take some time to produce and I need to first decide upon a purpose for each project.  I am hoping that by working on a limited number of deliberate, purposeful projects that I will be able to produce images and outputs focused upon an achieved objective.

I am going to be honest to myself and work on only those efforts that are most important to me, and that I have time to do.  The snapshots that I tend to make as I go through each day aren’t important, but still take time to make if I post them.  Going forward, I plan to budget my time and focus on longer-term efforts that will hopefully result in something more meaningful to me.  I also need some new challenges in my life so I want to try some different things.

I am also thinking that the kinds of changes that I would like to make with my photography, i.e. a more deliberate longer-term pursuit, might also need additional modes of display or output.  Blogging doesn’t work as well for all that I hope to do, and that is one of the reasons that I hope to publish a book for my current Homewood project along with other forms of output.  I haven’t decided about my other projects, maybe one in the spring about the flowers at Homewood, and/or maybe one about a particular aspect of Hanover.

When I can find the time to do a series of mini-projects along the way, I will most likely be presenting them on this blog.  If not, the gap between posts would stretch out to too long, and result in the end of my blogging.  I made this decision the other evening while drinking a beer and those kinds of decisions sometimes don’t gel and don’t last long until I try something else.  Only time will tell.  I will try to do an occasional post about how my changes are progressing as well as about some other changes and some of the challenges along the way.