Busy with my Homewood Project


I have been busy taking pictures of events, crafts, and other activities here at Homewood at Plum Creek.  I didn’t realize how much went on here until I started making pictures of the activities.  It is going to take me a long time since I sometimes have personal conflicts, sometimes multiple things are happening at the same time, and sometimes it takes months to complete a craft.

So far in just a few months I have made over 1200 pictures.  I am taking all of them with micro 4/3 cameras and various lenses and taking them as raw files and then processing them with Adobe Lightroom.  My objective is to produce a photography book for internal uses by Homewood at Plum Creek.  I haven’t begun to figure out the format, number of pages, size of the book, etc. and that is one reason that I am trying to take a large number of different pictures.  My goal is to finish the book sometime this winter, and given the wide variety of things that are enjoyed by the staff and residents, I might need to create multiple books.

Since I am spending so much time going back and forth to make images for the book and then processing them, I have little time or energy left for this blog and my personal photography; therefore, I ask that you be patient and understand why I am not presenting as many pictures on this blog.  I only seem to have time or energy for making images of the sky, clouds, etc. when I walk Misty in the morning, or of whatever goes by my window when I’m processing pictures on my computer.

For my personal images I like to make unusual pictures of common things and then process them in different ways as long as I can capture light and shadows.  I keep a camera sitting alongside of my computer so that I can take breaks to capture and process something different from my activities photography.  While I was writing this post I heard a car coming a little fast down the road but I still managed to make the above.