Longer Focal Lengths?


I would like to get back to making images for my blog in addition to my photography to capture the activities, etc. of Homewood.  One thing I have done is clear my schedule of other things so that I have more time for photography.  I have found someone to take over my volunteer work for the stores and my involvement with the train group has wound down since most of their work is done until they have their open house in November.

After shedding my non-photography activities, I am still left with figuring out what to photograph for myself and my blog.  With my Homewood photography, I rarely have a need for my long zoom lenses and therefore I haven’t been using them lately.  My Panasonic 12-35mm zoom and my prime lenses have been getting the bulk of the action photographing Homewood activities.  I even loaned out my long zoom Canon SX720 HS pocket camera so that I’m not tempted to take the easy way out and just carry it around in case I see something when running errands, etc.  I like that camera a lot but when I use it I feel guilty that I’m not using my better micro 4/3 cameras and lenses for my personal images; therefore, I have been carrying my E-P5 with the 20mm pancake lens when walking.

I use to walk around the campus with a longer focal length zoom lens so that I could make pictures of flowers, wildlife, and landscape details.  I seem to have run out of ideas of what to photograph on campus while out walking but I thought that I might try to be more deliberate in looking for images and took my Olympus 70-300mm zoom lens down to one of the ponds.  There isn’t much to photograph this time of the year but I took the above image of some ducks just to work with on the computer.  I reminded myself what could be done with that lens, but also what it is like to carry around.

Previously I had decided that using the Canon SX720 was a better option for photographing when out and about.  Look back at my previous posts “Going Smaller in Town” and some of the other posts around that time.  I am still conflicted about walking around town with my larger cameras and lenses, but at the same time I’m wondering about a compromise in the terms of a one-inch sensor camera with a zoom lens.  If I go that route I could theoretically be able to get better image quality with a camera not much larger than the Canon but with a shorter focal length zoom lens, and with less depth-of-field.  The question is, do I want, or need, another compromise?

I keep coming back to my conflict between what I prefer in cameras and lenses vs. what I have available to photograph.  I prefer a small camera with a fixed lens that is not too large or heavy and that I can use with one hand; while longer zoom lenses allow for greater opportunity with compositions. The only solution to my dilemma might be a camera with a normal prime lens and a good sensor with high resolution with lots of megapixels to allow for cropping that is not too heavy or expensive.  I don’t think it exists.  In the meantime, I will try to minimize my use of the heavier longer zoom lenses and look for suitable compositions.