Mexican Train Dominoes


Last evening, I took some pictures of residents playing Mexican Train Dominoes.  I wasn’t familiar with the game, but there were a lot of people who seemed to be enjoying it.  It might be the most played game in the Omni room and in resident’s homes.

I have started thinking about how I might feature activities in a book.  It isn’t going to be easy since we have so many diverse activities throughout the year and I just don’t want a hodgepodge of little pictures.  In addition, many are looking forward to seeing themselves in print, but not everybody.  I will probably show an assortment of people having a good time while they are involved in activities as well as enjoying events, etc.  In addition I would like to show close-ups of many of the crafts at various stages of production so that others get an idea of what is involved.  They will be in color, not B&W like above.