While sitting in our local pub on the square a while back and enjoying a beer, I was trying out the latest lens I purchased, the Olympus 25mm f/1.8.  When I took this picture through the window I was primarily interested in getting a feel for the field of view while quickly photographing the car going by.  It wasn’t until later when I downloaded the image that I realized I had also captured the light hitting the side of Don’s head.  I liked this “miss-creation”.

Several street photographers have made the claim that many of their best images were accidents, or miss-creations.  They either didn’t have their camera set correctly or they captured composition elements that were unplanned, or they found that different developing processes created a scene different that they intended.

I am still trying to decide how I want to make images on the streets of Hanover.  I have tried using a small P&S long zoom camera which has a very small sensor.  That worked well in good light to make compressed images of colorful details, but I still want to try spending some time on the streets with other camera/lens combinations in different lighting.  Before I do that I will wait until the weather cools off … maybe this fall.