Not About Photography?


Mike Johnston had a post a few days ago with the title “Photography Isn’t About Photography.”  That got me thinking again about my own blog and my photography.  My blog started out as a travel photography blog and has then wandered around ever since, but I have usually had something to say about photography gear.  Lately the pictures have mostly been about what I see and enjoy around where I live, but still with discussions of cameras, etc.

I have always been concerned about why I take pictures and why I blog.  Deep down I have been troubled by the fact that my photography hasn’t seemed to have a purpose and I have wondered why I bother.  I am trying to remedy that somewhat with my latest book project about Homewood and that has given me a definite purpose for my photography and has given me some structure relative to what kind of camera and lenses I need.  Having a purpose for my Homewood images of people helps a lot with my photography, but not my blog.

As time goes on, I may make my blog more about life around me on and off campus.  If it is to not be about photography, it means pictures with less mention of photography gear, techniques, etc.  It might not work, but I will try.  I have had several people who live near me say they like my pictures but don’t read what I write.  I will probably continue to concentrate on images of what I see and how I see them.  I’m just not sure what I’ll have to say, if anything, if I don’t say something about photography.  My life has evolved around photography since I retired.