Warning … Experimenting

Sorry, but this post is about my technique and some changes I am considering for my photography.  I took a walk last evening and tried something different.  I made the above images using an exposure adjustment of -1.3, with the Fujifilm X-E2S and the 35mm F2 lens set to auto aperture and shutter with auto ISO and the shutter speed floor set to 1/60 sec and max. ISO set at 6400.  What is different is that I took jpeg files with Classic Chrome calibration.  The above are straight out of the camera.  As an aside note, I had no trouble with focusing in center point auto mode nor with lack of image stabilization under these conditions.

If this experiment, or change, works as I hope, I will be expanding my photography to include images of Hanover streets, etc. at night this fall.  In addition, I may shift all of my photography to just making camera jpegs rather than raw files as part of my getting back to basics and simplifying.