Two Steps Forward, One Back

First things first.  I have decided that this blog has been and will continue to be, to a large measure, about my photography.  If my viewers don’t want to read about my trials, experiments, findings, etc. with a camera they can choose to not read about it.  Now, about why you are seeing the above pictures and what I like about them.  I have taken two steps forward with my camera and style and one step back in that I am going to return to writing about my photography.

I have been making progress on a style that I like, from two perspectives.  One I am using a camera and a lens that I really like from a usability perspective.  I plan to continue using my Fujifilm X-E2S with the 35mm F2 prime lens for most of my personal photography.  I find that the effective 50mm focal length works well for me and I prefer the external controls.  I can preset the camera and lens and then use the camera with one hand if necessary as I walk around with my cane, or when in the car.  It is also small enough to carry on a strap most anywhere I go or fit into a small bag with my zoom lenses when photographing for Homewood.

The second aspect that I am liking is the quality of the images and the contrast, etc. when using the classic chrome camera calibration.  While I have enjoyed using Light Room to process some of my more abstract images, I also like to set the style and then work purely on the composition as I photograph and prepare them for output.

I made the above images when I drove to the market before six am.  One of the things I am constantly looking for is new subjects to photograph.  In addition, I like images that are rich in color with large amounts of black and find the best way to make them is to go out after dark.  So far I have only been trying camera settings, etc. as I mostly drive and look around for ideas, and I have been seeing new things that I plan to photograph.  In the future I hope to be going to different areas around Hanover and parking and getting out and making more images similar to the above.