One of the main reasons for making pictures is to preserve images to help us remember how it was.  Given enough time one can make pictures over the years and then have them to look at much later in our lives.  Since I got a rather late start in photography, at least more seriously, I am considering making current images of old things as part of a series on remembering how it was.  This might cause a chuckle to be heard around here among the residents, more on that later.

I got a glance of the above while walking down a dark hallway here at Homewood.  It was pretty dark but I took a picture of it anyway planning to let the camera and my processing recover the details.  When I took the picture I didn’t notice that the book was a dictionary.  Looking at it now I’m quite pleased with the little display by a resident outside their apartment door.  I should have noted the number.

I have also been making little detail images of our Villa whenever I see light and shadows that catch my eye.  The following are two of my latest.