Only Fujifilm

160912-180407-16jehI sold all of my micro 4/3 cameras and lenses and am now using just Fujifilm cameras and lenses, currently the 35mm F2 and the 18-55mm and 55-200mm zoom lenses.  I primarily use my zoom lenses for my photography for internal Homewood use but mostly just use my 35mm prime for personal pictures as well as a lot of the Homewood pictures.

My current challenges are to learn the field of view (FoV) of the 35mm (effective 50mm) lens and then to only photograph what I can with that lens.  It isn’t too hard since that is my favorite FoV; but it does rule out some of the compositions and types of photography that I did in the past and it forces me to seek out other images.  I am shifting in the direction of a documentary or life style of photography.

As part of my learning I have sought out other images from photographers such as John Free.  He has been photographing with only a film camera making B&W images with a 55mm lens for a long time now and has no intentions of moving to a digital camera, zoom lenses, etc.  His blog can be found by clicking here.

In addition, you can see a lot of the images he makes and prints himself on this YouTube video.  You really can’t find much simpler or basic photography than his.

I have also been going back and reviewing the images in several books such as Philippe Gross and S. I. Shapiro’s Tao of Photography.

As part of my shift to a more basic, simpler system when photographing for my personal use, I have been photographing more often without a camera bag.  I choose a lens, put it on the camera, and then hang it either from around my neck, across my body, or from a shoulder on a strap.  The only other photography gear I take with me are a spare battery, a spare memory card, and a cleaning cloth in my pocket.  I have a small change purse which I use to keep them together and to make it easy to transfer them to my pocket.  I only use a bag to protect the camera and/or extra lenses when I’m going by car and/or need multiple lenses and/or multiple cameras for my Homewood photography.

I am planning to mostly use a Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera.  I like having the extra MP, the toggle for shifting focus point, and the optical viewfinder when photographing activities.  In addition, it will be nice using it along with my X-E2s camera for multiple lens work when doing my Homewood event photography.  I also look forward to having a weather resistant camera to go along with my weather resistant 35mm lens as fall and winter approach.