Color vs. Monochrome

I am still struggling with finding suitable scenes to photograph in monochrome.  I like monochrome, especially for typical street photography of people.  I think that using monochrome can help to add to the message, etc., primarily by eliminating the cutesiness of color images.  The following is an image that I made originally in color when the color and the light drew my eye towards it.  I also like the monochrome version due to the quality of the light.  But is it better than the color?  The issue may be the quality of the light rather than color vs. monochrome.

As I said, I think that monochrome works well for images of people and the types of scenes where color doesn’t add to the image.  While the following isn’t much subject wise, it is one where I was checking the speed of the 60mm lens to focus.  It is also a severe crop which was then upsized to my standard blog size of image; i.e. large enough for small prints.

I feel that the monochrome version above helps put the emphasis on his hands and glasses and that the color doesn’t add anything to the image.  It would also be easier to make those items stand out even more with some tweaking of the monochrome version.  As Ansel Adams and others have shown us, it is easier to manipulate monochrome images.

My problem isn’t whether or not color or monochrome is better.  My problem is finding a story to tell … finding interesting scenes to photograph, etc.

I will keep working on finding suitable images for monochrome, especially as the collection of my images for my book comes to an end, and as the weather continues to move towards winter scenes … bleak, gray, cloudy, rain, snow, etc.  As soon as I finish my book pictures I’m thinking about changing the in-camera versions of the jpegs to Acros monochrome and working in that mode.  That would also speed up my working with Lightroom software which is getting slower with each update.  If it gets much slower, I may also look for a different software package to replace my Adobe Lightroom subscription.