Other Signs of Fall

As the weather gets cooler, I make a number of shifts in my routines.  I often start looking at more photography books, and my latest is very good.  It was relatively inexpensive, has a large number of full page images in both monochrome and color, and it contains high quality prints of excellent photos.

Another change that occurs is in my attire.  I wear heavier hats and jackets.  Along with these changes, I usually start thinking more about monochrome images due to changes in the light and subjects.

I also experience changes in my photography for Homewood.  The sessions are longer and some require a longer lens.  For these reasons, I have started photographing more with my 55-200mm lens to see if I can handle it for a long period during a popular event next week.  I put it on my X-Pro2 on a recent morning and used it to make the above images.  I am doing this now since I need to make a decision whether to use the heavy 55-200mm lens or the 60mm lens and crop.

I have been switching back and forth as to whether to use just lighter weight prime lenses or heavier zoom lenses with a greater span of focal lengths for the majority of my photography.  The weight and size factors along with the quality of the images and the ease of using the camera-lens combination keep leading me toward photographing with prime lenses.