Revisiting the Olympus TG-4

Why am I showing these pictures, what is common among them?  They are all out-of-camera jpegs made using an Olympus TG-4, which is a small pocket camera that is waterproof and pretty indestructible with an internal zoom lens and a very tiny sensor.  The above were made at a fixed ISO of 100 in low light at 1/5 sec. shutter speed while being handheld.

I am thinking about moving this camera from storage in my camera drawer to my pocket again to supplement my Fujifilm X-Pro2.  You probably couldn’t think of many cameras with such an extreme difference in image quality and capabilities and that is why I have not been using the TG-4.  I started thinking again about the occasional need to make a picture under conditions when my X-Pro2 isn’t at hand … or when I desire the effects that can be obtained with such a small sensor.

Whenever I start thinking this way, again, my thoughts always go back to the limitations of the TG-4 in low light; and thus the reasons for the above pictures.  I wanted to try again with some differences from previous attempts.  The primary difference this time was not using auto ISO since the images get very noisy when the ISO rises in low light.  Some other differences were in how I processed them in Lightroom.

The image of the cup was made in very dark conditions.  I could see a noisy image on the LCD to compose, but when I downloaded the picture it was solid black.  You wouldn’t know what it was supposed to be.  To make this image I had to set the exposure to +3.55 in LR.  I also had to reduce the color noise as well as luminance noise and the result is a little fuzzy.  This is probably due to lack of focus, hand movement, and noise reduction; but sharp is not always a required attribute.

I haven’t decided, but using it some is a thought.  I’m thinking about some more uses to make monochrome images as the weather changes as we move toward winter.  I have been primarily thinking about monochrome images, but below are some more color test images that I made this morning.  I need to keep reminding myself that such cameras still have uses.