Fall Colors Will Disappear Soon


I made this image a few days ago when I used the 55-200mm lens with the X-Pro2.  It was one of the very rare times that I have used that lens with the X-Pro2.  I prefer lighter weight prime lenses if I can find enough things to photograph and make images I like with wider lenses.

I will be in WV over Thanksgiving and had planned on only taking the X-Pro2 with two WR prime lenses, the 23mm and the 35mm.  Given that there won’t be much to photograph since all of the leaves will be down, I’m now wondering if I should also take the 55-200 mm lens; but, the additional photographic opportunities might not be enough to warrant taking the heavy lens.  It is more likely that the weather will be cold and wet and it might be better to take my TG-4.