Maybe It’s Not What, but How


For me it hasn’t been what I photograph but what I photographed it with and how I processed it.  I am still experimenting to see what I can do with inexpensive small sensor cameras.  I used the Olympus TG-4 to make these images.  I have another inexpensive small sensor pocket camera with a longer zoom coming to try.

I am considering splitting my photography into two styles of images made with different cameras.  I might make some of my personal images with just a small pocket camera and reserve my larger camera for my volunteer photography and my more serious deliberate images.

I have several reasons for trying this.  One, is my desire to have a small pocket camera with me all the time, and the second is for the challenge.  I have tried inexpensive cameras before just to see how limiting they would be, but I always went back to cameras with better image quality.  I am trying again since that might not be the case now since I am processing images differently, I’m better at photographing, and I’m more willing to try some different ideas.  In addition, a dearth of opportunities this time of year tend to make me more desperate and creative.

Going this route with small sensor cameras will probably mean I’ll be photography more of what I see just for the fun of it, not what you saw or want to see.