Pictures Around Hanover?

Off and on over the years I have taken some pictures around town, but have never been satisfied with them.  Now that I have the Fuji X-Pro2 I have been looking to expand my photography toward other subjects using different styles, and I’m thinking again about photographing scenes around Hanover.  One thing I did was get the 23mm f2 WR lens since I needed a wider focal length to supplement my other prime lenses.  Since I got the lens I have been trying different processing styles.

I made these test images when I went for one of my annual doctor visits.  I didn’t look for appropriate compositions, but instead looked for some typical images of scenes across the street, in shade, in bright sun, and also through the car windows to get a better feel for the focal length.  I think the 23 mm focal length (effective 35mm) will work but now I need to decide on how I want to process them.

I used the Velvia calibration with higher contrast, saturation boost, etc. for the above pictures.  I got this idea from the pictures in Harry Gruyaert’s book.  His pictures were made on the streets around the world in a bygone era and then displayed with very saturated bright colors and high contrast.  I tried some ideas to see how I liked them for my pictures, as shown above.  That style might work for my Hanover street scenes, but I’m still not excited … maybe after a little more tweaking.

It comes down to what I think works best for displaying the wide variations of compositions, etc. within and surrounding the Borough of Hanover … in a style I like.  Will I choose monochrome or color?  Will it be saturated with high contrast or not?  Soft or hard, vivid or dull?  I just don’t know.