Left Behind

When I toured Tunisia I was fascinated with the doors.  It seemed to be the only things that the people were creative with when it came to designs and colors.  I was looking at some older pictures I had made of Hanover when the thought occurred to me that maybe I could do something with the doors, porches, etc. of Hanover.

When I make pictures of Hanover I tend to get depressed.  It is like time has left it behind.  Everyone seems to want to live “like it was” and that just isn’t going to happen, even if they think Trump can take them back to the old days.  I think I am going to give-in to my feelings and process my pictures around Hanover to portray how I feel.  If I continue, I will probably concentrate on showing details rather than wider views of the streets and buildings.  I really don’t know.  I feel lost living here in the land of oz.