A Concept


The above is what I saw this morning, as viewed out a back window through two panes of glass and the screen.  It was 50 degrees F. outside and foggy and raining.

I used my Olympus TG-4 to capture that view and then I converted the jpeg to B&W using Nik Efex Pro 2 and one of my presets.  I sometimes consider doing a daily series of images in a similar fashion just because I like trying to see what I can do with a small pocket camera other than an iPhone.

When I applied this concept, same camera and processing, to what I saw last night when I was reading, I got the following.


Below is another view using this concept.  I stepped outside and took a picture of trucks across the street when it was raining.


I have no problem with using this, or a similar small sensor camera, to make these kinds of images.  My main problem is finding compositions of interest.  Basically, they are just my versions of street photography, except they aren’t made out on the public streets.  They are a means of documenting what I see in a style and manner of interest to me.  They are also my way of showing others that they don’t need a large expensive camera to document their life if they have a computer and suitable software for processing the images.

I will probably try some more images like above, but not daily nor exclusively.