I try to make pictures everyday just because I like to see what I can find to photograph and then work on them with my software.  I usually photograph the common mundane things around me and try to show them in interesting ways by tweaking them after I get them on my computer.  I made these pictures all within a few minutes inside my Villa early in the morning.  They were made with natural light; no flash was used.  I never use a flash.  But, these are different from my normal images.

First, the above are similar in that they were all made with a small sensor camera, the Olympus TG-4.  They were also all made with an in-camera reduction of two stops for exposure and at the maximum zoom range of the lens at an equivalent 100mm.  I used the program mode with the ISO fixed at 200, and let the camera pick all the other settings.

Now for what is different from my normal practices.  I didn’t make any adjustments with my software.  These are jpeg images straight out of the camera.  I only used LR to import them and organize them into my storage structure.  I did not touch the exposures, or white balance, or anything else.  Anyone can make images like these with just a small sensor point and shoot camera.  Maybe you like them or maybe you don’t; but I think they have a characteristic image style that I like … at least for recording what I see about me as sort of a digital photo journal.

Could I have made better pictures with my better Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera?  The answer is yes, but I would have to define better.  The image quality would be better, but would I have been as likely to make them?  No.  I would have had to use a much heavier, larger camera with a very heavy long zoom lens, and they wouldn’t fit in my vest pocket.  That is where the small sensor camera resides most of the time.  That way if I see something I can photograph it right away.  Light like in the above pictures doesn’t continue for long.  These kinds of images require being at the right place at the right time with a camera close to hand.

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