Smaller, Concealed Carry

I have been enjoying the use of smaller pocket cameras.  They have the smallest of sensors, 1/2.3, and in the case of the one used to make the above test pictures, a 30X zoom lens.  Other than for being able to carry it in my pocket with a longer zoom lens, I sometimes need the greater depth of field.  You can see the picture of my latest camera, the Sony HX80, in comparison with my waterproof Olympus TG-4 and the iPhone 6 below.


I am still experimenting to learn the best settings for the kinds of pictures I like to make.  At the moment, I am approaching a fixed ISO of 800 and an in-camera exposure adjustment of -1.  The biggest problem I am having is holding the camera still when it chooses slow shutter speeds.  That is why I’m using this ISO and exposure setting to maximize the shutter speed.  The slow shutter speeds would be fine if I put the camera on a tripod but that would defeat its’ advantages.

In addition to being smaller than the TG-4, it is lighter, has a pop-up viewfinder in addition to a tilting LCD, and 18MP.  One minor issue is that folks around here expect to always see me carrying a camera and they don’t notice these smaller cameras and I must explain that I’m utilizing concealed carry.  I am never without at least one of the above.