Nature of Change


Nothing stays the same.  Everything around us changes.  It is just people who sometimes don’t change their thinking and don’t recognize how the world is changing around them.  For example, consider global climate change.  The earth is warming and changing.  Just because it is cold where you live doesn’t mean that the average earth temperature isn’t rising.  It is.  It also doesn’t mean that the weather won’t get much colder in spots at times.  It is.   The earth is warming unevenly.  The poles are warming much faster and greater than the latitudes where most live.  This is pushing more of the cold air down in waves to the areas most of us live.   It was 10 degrees F. when I made this picture.  I don’t remember it ever being that cold since we moved here over five years ago.

My photography also goes through changes.  Why should images always be sharp?  Notice the banding in the picture?  That was because I was photographing through the venetian blinds.  That and the two panes of window glass also made it fuzzy, but I liked the colors along with the softness.

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