Photography Changes Next Year … Maybe

It was only 14 degrees F. this morning so I took these pictures from inside.  The subject matter was inconsequential.  I just needed some images taken in low lighting at various ISO settings to work with as I attempt to find a processing style that works well with a range of jpeg images.  As I go into the new year I hope to make some changes that will simplify my photography.

I hope to switch from raw files to jpeg files to reduce storage requirements.  I am also going to try to concentrate on one style of processing that works for my small sensor P&S cameras as well as for my Fujifilm X-Pro2.  The above processing style might be it, but I still have some other lighting and subject conditions to try it on.  The big remaining question to be answered is, will it work for my Homewood photography?

I am using a combination of in camera settings along with a preset that I have developed for Lightroom.  That should let me photograph and process images for Homewood or my blog by using different presets; but only if necessary.  I am aiming to utilize a predominant style of photography that will enable me to speed up the processing while reducing storage requirements and simplifying my photography.