Dark Time of the Year

I will post less frequently the remainder of this year unless something unusual happens.  I don’t have any new pictures or anything to say so it is best to just stop posting the same stuff over and over.

I will try to keep taking pictures daily as I experiment while continuing to think about what changes I will, or won’t, make in the coming year.  I just won’t be posting many of them since I have no plans to photograph anything interesting.  I made the above images while sitting at my computer this morning while I played with some ideas.

I did hope to go out with the X-Pro2 more this winter to make pictures, and I tried some the other day; but it isn’t going to happen very often.  Some of my fingers end up hurting and looking like snow-white prunes, and no gloves seem to prevent it.  I will use my pocket cameras for an occasional picture if/when I see something of interest.

Most of my blog-photography has been about the many cameras and processes I tried.  My pictures have been trials.  Since I have no plans to try anymore cameras in the coming year, I am not sure why I will continue posting pictures.

My immediate intentions are to finish my Homewood projects in the coming weeks and to start some different projects in the coming year, but I haven’t decided on anything yet.