I Make Pictures

I make pictures most every day just to make pictures.  That is my hobby.  I often take pictures of different things, but my choices are slim.  I take them to see what I can make with them.  I don’t make them for any other particular reasons or uses.

Sometimes I use a small pocket camera like I used to make the image of the man leaning against the building.  I made that one by using the zoom capability and took it through the car window while I was waiting on Misty outside the vet’s office.

I used my best camera along with a zoom lens to make the next two pictures.  Sometimes I make them in monochrome and sometimes not.  It depends on the image and intended use.  Note that there are three reflections of myself in the monochrome image.

I have tended to show images almost every day in my blog; whether I have something to say or not.  I have been thinking about changing that this year.  I will still take pictures so that I can play with them on my computer and see what I can make; but, I might post less often.  It isn’t that I don’t have the time.  It is more a case of I don’t know if many are interested in seeing them.  I have sometimes used my blog like a daily journal, showing the weather, etc., or pictures like in the previous post.  Since I don’t travel much anymore, making and showing pictures frequently becomes a challenge to make different pictures of the same common things.

Last year I made lots of pictures of people within Homewood as they participated in the crafts and events.  I am still trying to finish off those images by publishing some in a book and by making a slideshow.  Those two products are my winter activity and I haven’t finished them.  Due to privacy concerns those are internal Homewood projects and they don’t contribute many pictures for my blog.  This year I would like to make more pictures for my blog.  I have some ideas, but they involve me getting out more and going off campus so I’m not sure whether they will pan out.  If they do, I will have a better mix of daily journal type posts of what I see, along with other pictures from off campus.