I’ll be Back


As you should have noticed I haven’t had many good pictures for some time now.  What you have been seeing have been my playing around with pocket cameras, images of whatever I saw from inside my car, house, etc.  I think I will stop doing that unless someone convinces me otherwise.  No, I will probably not stop with playing around with pocket cameras, but I am going to stop displaying the results, at least for a while.

My intentions are to not post until I get back to making interesting images.  Don’t worry if there are significant gaps between posts and pictures.  I have considered totally stopping this blog.  I also considered just going dark and not saying anything until I figured out some changes and made something worth displaying, from my viewpoint; but, after looking back through my pictures in 2016 and a way back into 2015, I knew that I wasn’t going to stop making and displaying pictures if I physically can.

In the interim I am concentrating on finishing up a slideshow and several picture books I have in mind.  I will be back to making pictures when I see interesting things.