170114-171016-17jehThe mornings are cold and when I open the front door, the storm door fogs over instantly.  For those who are new to this blog, you will notice that I don’t use my main camera, the Fuji X-Pro2 outside much in the winter.  The problem isn’t the camera.  It is me.  I have a situation with my right hand that can’t handle cold while gripping anything.  The hand gets cold, the circulation of blood diminishes in two fingers and they turn white, hurt, and shrivel up.  I have tried many different cameras, light to heavy, with and without nice comfortable grips, etc., and all manner of gloves and mittens; nothing works for me.

I will deliver the last of my work to Homewood at Plum Creek this morning:  book, pdf of the book, slideshow, and all the pictures in both.  I am now going to work on another photo book containing some of the pictures I made when traveling around Tunisia.

Hopefully spring will arrive this year and bring with it lots of flowers, etc. along with warm weather and I can return to walking with my camera.