I took a short morning stroll the other day with my X-Pro2 camera around my neck.  The temperature was in the mid 40s and most of the time I walked in the halls.  Still, just from taking a few pictures, the following shows what gripping something in cooler weather does to my hands.  The fingertips turn white, get wrinkly, and cold.  The only way I have found to avoid this, and still make pictures, is to use a small P&S camera.  It is lighter and I don’t hold it the same way.


So far, the problem has only been in the winter when the temperature drops just a little and I grip something.  The something can be the camera, the steering wheel, or even the handle on a grocery cart.  It is primarily the gripping that does it, even in only slightly cooler, drier weather.  Even using the touchpad on my computer causes the problem, but not as bad.

I have been trying to use the X-Pro2 and change the way I hold the camera; i.e. not use the tips of the fingers to grip.  I am trying to hold the weight in the palm of both hands, but since I usually walk with a cane, this means I stop, hook the cane over the arm and then lift the camera with both hands to take a picture.  Last winter this approach didn’t work after I injured my thumbs, but they aren’t bothering me as much this year so I have some hope.

Like I have said before, mittens or gloves or hand warmers don’t help but a very little, so I need to try different approaches.  I am wondering if it is an effect of curving the fingers since I can walk in the cold with my fingers straight with no problem.  Let me know if you have any good ideas.  A scary thing is that it now seems to be starting in my left hand as well.