Differences Today

I photographed a little differently this morning.  I used Acros monochrome jpegs with my preset applied, and photographed in aperture mode with only either f/2 or f/11.  But, the main difference was that I walked with the camera mounted on a monopod.  That enabled me to use my left hand to hold the monopod with the camera on top and only use my right fingers to push the shutter and change the aperture.

The temperature was 44 degrees F. and a little foggy and I wanted to see if I could photograph this way and not have problems with my right fingers.  It worked.  While outside I wore a glove on my left hand while holding onto the monopod.  I kept my right hand in my pocket when not photographing and I had no problems with my fingers.

I had the monopod as my “safety” if my balance wavered since I didn’t take a cane.  That worked, but not as well as with a cane since I was reluctant to touch the ground with the monopod with each step.  The monopod could easily substitute for the cane but I am hesitant to keep jarring the camera with each step.  What I would prefer is to have a handgrip on the left side of the camera and not use the monopod.  Photographing the way I did, would not work very well with a zoom lens.  I used the 35mm prime lens and then cropped all the images to get what you see above.  I also would not want to use the monopod on the street or when photographing among and around the residents here.

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