Vertical or Square and Printed

One potential solution to my problem holding my camera is to hold it vertical in the left hand.  Vertical, or portrait mode, was a popular format when most pictures were printed and displayed on the wall.  That changed and horizontal, or landscape mode, became a lot more popular when the digital display arrived on computers, etc.  One compromise has been the square format made popular through Instagram.

One of my favorite photographers was Saul Leiter and I remembered that he said that he mostly photographed in portrait mode, but if you look at many gallery displays, etc. of his pictures you will note that many are displayed in landscape mode.  In a more careful review of his pictures, you will find that many (most?) of his landscape layouts are crops of his portrait mode images.

The above is just a lead into what I plan to do.  I want to work on more photo books and have several in mind.  The first will contain some of my pictures from Tunisia that I made back in 2010.  Not only am I going to try photographing more in portrait mode I am reframing many of my older pictures for potential display in photo books.  I don’t know how successful I will be with older images but I am going to try.  This means that I will be posting less and working on books, and photography for books more, so don’t get too concerned if you don’t see as many of my pictures displayed in this blog.  If it works out I might even switch from blog displays to printed displays, which in some cases will be supplemented by slide shows.