The Way I See

Lately I have found life in the U.S. to be depressing.  I just don’t see things the way our President does, and I’m thinking that he is either grossly wrong, very ignorant, or has a desire to destroy most of what has been accomplished.  Maybe the most realistic assessment of what he is going to do is to fatten the wallets of the rich while trying to not have us see that until it is too late.  He must think that if he says otherwise that we will believe what he says rather than what he is doing.  What he is doing is going to harm the environment, our society, the economy, and our climate, and will load the ultimate cost onto the backs of the middle and poorer classes, but not onto his rich friends.  They will grow richer and the rest of us will become much poorer.

I am finding that this depression is also affecting my photography.  Trump, along with the winter weather, is affecting the way I see things.  I have this desire to let the light out and into my images, but it isn’t happening.

Elliot Erwitt said:  “photography is an art of observation … it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

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