More Changes May Be Coming

I imagine you are wondering why I took and am showing you the above pictures.  The reason why I’m showing them is to illustrate a problem I have along with some potential changes that might be coming.  No, not a medical problem.  It is a storage problem.

I like to take pictures every day.  Most of them get trashed and I don’t keep them since I only use them to practice different processing techniques.  But I often keep them for potential future use to illustrate a post.  Doing this daily in addition to my occasional large photo shoots of events, etc., generates many pictures each year and consume a lot of memory.

I took the above pictures this morning while I was having breakfast.  I first just wanted to see how the Sony HX80 would work under the lighting conditions and what focal lengths I used.  I took the first picture and that led to me capturing some different views.

The Sony camera I used to capture these has 20MP and my Fujifilm camera has 24MP.  If I store raw files it adds up to a lot of memory.  One thing I have done to reduce storage problems is to shoot and only store jpeg images.  That has been a big help and hasn’t been a problem yet.  Another thing I have done is to be a lot more selective of which images I keep, but sometimes that isn’t a prudent idea since I might later want a view that I trashed.

Practicing the above changes have helped a lot, but I am now wondering if I can reduce the number of images I store even more by taking and keeping fewer pictures.  For example, why did I take the above pictures?  I doubt that I would ever use them.  For that reason, I am trying to decide on what pictures I will take this year.  Can I decide on a few specific topics/projects and not make other pictures?  I don’t know that answer nor do I know if I can even take fewer pictures since I seem to be addicted to making them; but I am still working on the idea of a few projects.  To have that approach work, the projects need to be narrow in scope and I haven’t figured out what they might be.

Having this blog is also a factor.  So far, I have been keeping all the pictures that are in my blog in two ways.  I keep the original large MP image along with my LR adjustments plus I keep the downsized jpeg that I display in my blog.  I might drop one of those copies, or I might post fewer images.  I haven’t decided since that decision is tied to what projects I might pick, and to the following potential changes.

I might decide to print more books and give up the blog, but I might do both and change the nature of what I post.  I don’t know yet.

There is another aspect to this problem that is related to the number and type of cameras and lenses I have.  If I have them I use them, and that expands the range of different subjects I photograph.  This story will be continued in a few months, but I am contemplating making a big reduction in the number of cameras and lenses I own and that will impact the nature and number of projects as well as whether I switch back to taking and storing raw images.  I am considering reducing to one camera and one prime lens and that would alter what and how I photograph.  If I do, it won’t be to reduce storage.  It just impacts storage requirements and thus is a small factor.  I’ll write later about the primary reason if I make this change.

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  1. bkcitta

    Thanks for sharing! I ended up getting an external hard drive (2tb) to store all photos and am in the process of deleting photos…Love reading your blog!!