The Story


I have been going back through some older images that I made while in Egypt in 2006.  My purpose for reviewing them was to see if I have enough good ones to print in a book.  As I was looking I noticed some images that I had earlier rejected for not being “good enough” for a slideshow that I had made.

The above image was originally made with a Canon PowerShot S3 IS camera.  It was a small sensor 12X zoom camera and the above image was taken handheld at maximum zoom.  In addition, the air was very hazy from all the pollution.  When I took it, and later looked at the picture, I didn’t even see the smoke plumes or towers, etc. in the distance.  I could just tell that there were pyramids in the distance.  I rejected the image as not sharp enough, out of focus, too much vignetting, etc.

I enhanced the image a little this morning and then went on to look at other better pictures of other subjects, but I kept going back and looking at this one.  There was something about it that I liked.  It took me a while, but I finally realized that it did a good job of “telling the story.”  It is a very realistic picture of how it was, pollution, buildings, etc.  The picture didn’t need to be sharp with high resolution to tell the story of how it was.  Isn’t that what photography is about?  Telling the story.

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