At My Feet

I took a walk this morning with my Sony HX80 camera in my pocket and made these images.  My back was bothering me and I didn’t feel like taking my Fuji X-Pro2 camera.  While walking, it dawned on me that even if I switch to one camera with one prime lens for most of my photography, there is a reason to keep this pocket Sony.

I sometimes see things on the ground at my feet when hobbling around with my cane when my back hurts.  While I might be able to capture such scenes with a wide angle when standing up and then cropping them, they might not work as well as with this Sony zoomed out.

I might keep the Sony primarily for getting up close and personal without needing to bend over.  In addition, I could always take it in my pocket, like this morning, if I don’t feel like taking a bigger, heavier camera.  It’s sometimes tough playing the part of an old grumpy man and I don’t look too creditable with a nice camera hanging around my neck.  But, I haven’t decided about using one or more cameras yet.  There are reasons to use just one good camera or none and I might decide I don’t need to make pictures like these.