Morning Scenes

Yesterday it was in the mid 60s.  This morning it is 28 degrees F. and snowing.  These are a progression of scenes out my window as it lightened up.  The snow removal contractor was warming up his equipment and dispersing his crews.

The first two and the last pictures were made with the X-Pro2 and the 23mm lens.  The two up close details were made with the HX80.  Note that all the images were made through two panes of glass, the venation blinds, and a window screen which had snow on it.  The images are just part of my fun capturing what I see through one of my windows.

The effort is also part of my experiment to determine what lenses and cameras to keep as I pare down another time; primarily, do I keep using a long zoom lens to photograph, and is the HX80 good enough for images like these?


  1. bkcitta

    It is soooo amazing and interesting how you take something so ordinary and make it into some extraordinary! Your photography really is, at least in my perspective, brings or illuminates the beauty of mindfulness, that is, awareness of seeing something other than, the ordinary…you have a way of capturing this!! Thanks again for sharing….