Chargers and Cords Jungle


Why are all the cords so long and why do many use different cords?  Having multiple cameras with different charging cords is a pain.  This is the jungle on top of my camera cabinet. I can and will clean it up, but I need to order a shorter power cord for my Fuji camera battery charger.  At least all my Fuji cameras use the same battery and that means I can use just one charger for all of them unless I need to charge more than one battery at a time.

There isn’t much I can do for the Sony and Olympus pocket cameras except tie the cords up, put them in a drawer, or stop using the cameras.  For the first step, I will put their chargers and cords in a drawer along with the cameras as I move into the mode of not using those cameras.  I hope to get away from long lenses, etc. and not use pocket cameras with lower image quality.  It will depend on finding enough opportunities to photograph with just a better camera if I can, or do, carry and use it.

I can order shorter cords for the Apple devices. Thankfully, they use the same cord.  I need to look for a charging station for Marcia and myself, and then depending on its design and where we put it, I will get shorter Apple cords.  We have been using and charging our Apple devices in many different locations.  I need to rethink that.

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