Sony HX80 Color Images and LR Preset

The above are a series of pictures that I made with the Sony HX80 in bright sun as I walked around Homewood at Plum Creek using the same preset that I used the other morning, but this time in color.  They are OK if I don’t look closely at the pixels and I don’t attempt to crop them.  But, I doubt that I will be using the HX80 camera much until I try it on the streets off campus.

The camera settings I use with the HX80 camera for both color, and the previous B&Ws, with jpegs are ISO 800 and -1 exposure settings in camera, with the following additional adjustments in LR:  Whites +26, Blacks -15, Clarity +31, Strong Contrast tone curve, Split toning highlights Hue 54 Sat 10 and shadows Hue 36, Sat 11, Sharpening 25 with masking 100, Noise reduction 50 with detail 50 and color 50 with detail 50 and smoothness 50, and Grain at 15 with size 25 and roughness 50.  I also usually adjust exposure additionally somewhere between -0.65 and -1.3 in LR.  The reason I use ISO 800 is to keep the shutter speed faster.

While making these pictures, it dawned on me that I have been using it as a crutch.  I think that what I really need to do is concentrate on using my Fuji X-Pro2 with prime lenses and work on getting closer and not using long focal lengths.  I will keep the HX80 in a pocket just in case I see something when I’m out walking but not use it for serious photography.

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  1. bkcitta

    Thanks so much for sharing!! Great post!! Taken back somewhat by the color, in that, not accustomed to seeing color…Nice photos though…