Acros or Classic Chrome?

I am trying to decide which style of processing will work best for my “Echoes of the Past” project.  In the above images, I used film bracketing to capture each jpeg picture in both Fujifilm’s Classic Chrome and Acros.  I think I will choose one of these for my base jpeg for the entire project.  After I decide whether to go with color or monochrome, I’ll think about what other adjustments I might make on a global basis, but as I write this, I’m thinking I’ll keep the images as close to one of these film emulations as I can since it will make the processing very simple.

I am having a problem deciding which to choose; i.e., which will work best to present a comparison of now to what we remember of the past.  My first idea was to use the Acros B&W style since I like the tones, etc. and since when I think back to pictures I have seen of how it looked in the past, they were all B&W.  A question, independent of looking at old pictures, “Do we remember in B&W or color?”  While it isn’t as evident in these pictures, another concern I have is that some of the garish colors people now use don’t really improve the current views.

The problem is that I do like the color images of the area when processed in Classic Chrome film emulation, and they do give a more accurate presentation of how it looks now in this day and age.  They also show up the changes, additions, different materials used, etc.

I realize that most of us prefer either color or B&W, and to take a poll is of no value; but if anyone has some reasoning for selecting one or the other please comment.


  1. bkcitta

    The ‘past’ for me is gone..Present moment is everything, so with that, see the past as either ‘fading’ away and with that, images fading from vivid to void in either B/W and/or color… I prefer the B/W but given what you wrote about color and the relevance of color to how it was/is at moment of picture; warrants authenticity of the image…