Dark with Rain

I am in the process of going through another rationalization of my photography … what to photograph, what cameras, what lenses, and what to display in my blog.

As part of my rationalization, I am trying to reduce the number of cameras and lenses I use, based on what I plan to need/use this year.  One thought has been to dispose of my Sony HX80 and my Olympus TG-4 and to only use better cameras; but the question is “what is a better camera?”  Some would answer that question, “the one you have with you.”  These two cameras are small, fit in a pocket, and not worth much on the used market, so why not keep them.

I needed to go out yesterday morning to get a haircut and since it was raining I slipped the TG-4 in my pocket.  I really didn’t intend to take any pictures but if I have a camera in my pocket I usually take a picture of something.  I made the above just for fun.

The bigger issue that I need to deal with is whether I should continue to post articles and pictures like these.  I doubt that I could stop.


  1. bkcitta

    What is the photo of the last image? Really like these photos. Really enjoy your blog and learning much!!! Thanks for sharing and posting!!