Making Do

It is no secret that I like small, lightweight cameras that fit in my pocket.  Last evening I was sitting in my lounge chair reviewing some photography books and at the same time thinking about getting another one when I thought … “do I really need one and what would I photograph with one?”

Earlier in the day I had shipped back a Canon 80D with a Sigma 17-70mm lens since I found it to be too large, too noisy, and too heavy.  I had been wanting a longer focal length lens and thought that I might get one that went out to 600mm on an APS size sensor DSLR.  I wanted it to make nature pictures of birds, etc.  Another major problem was “who could I get to carry it and a heavy tripod for me?”  While lamenting that approach wasn’t going to work, I started thinking about the Sony HX80 which has been mostly sitting in a drawer for a while.  It has a very long zoom lens.

The Sony HX80 has everything I want but one.  It has a long zoom lens, it fits in a pocket, and it has a tilting LCD as well as a small popup EVF for when necessary.  What it doesn’t have is a large sensor with great image quality.  But, do I need a larger sensor?  I have often thought that if I could find the right type and style of photographs to make with it, that I might be able to shift my vision and make images that work with the cameras I have.

I made the above images inside last evening.  The moon image was made from inside through the window.  I am encouraged after working with the images this morning.  I think I will try and look for additional compositions as I walk around outside.  I find that it is harder to find and make pictures of the landscape, etc. with this style of processing, so I will probably keep tweaking the processing to see if I can make more images that are fun to make with what I have.

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