Leica X2 & D Day Through German Eyes

I got a smaller and lighter camera to use along with my Fuji X-Pro2.  I bought a used Leica X2 so that I had a camera to always take with me that wasn’t as heavy to carry and so that I could take it in a small bag, or jacket, or vest pocket.  But equally important to me … it is a very simple minimalist camera.  It is simpler, smaller, and weighs about 26% less than the Fuji X100F which I had been waiting on; but I’m not waiting any longer.  I prefer the more basic X2 except for the LCD, the dynamic range, and fewer pixels.  The Leica LCD is of poorer quality in today’s technology standards but I plan to get an EVF to use with the X2 so that I can compose better in sunlight.  More on how I hope to use the X2 in a later post.

Maybe all the Germans living around me have had some influence on me.  In addition to getting the Leica, I started reading a book called D Day, Through German Eyes.  The author’s grandfather had planned to write the book based on his interviews of troops who were there.  He had interviewed them before D Day and then later looked some of them up and interviewed them again in the early 1950s.  He died before he finished the small book so his grandson wrote it for him using his notes.  It is a good description of what it was like on D Day.