Nice Colors

170329-192622-17JEHI captured this image on my Leica X2 last evening.  What you see is a jpeg image as it came from the camera which was set to vivid film preset.  I love the details of the cloud including the colors.  I also captured the same image at the same time as a raw DNG file so that I could use LR to try and make my own preset to tweak DNG files to create the equal of the jpeg.  I haven’t been able to do it yet and doubt that I will succeed.  The jpeg has more depth, variability in the colors, etc.

I also captured many other, different images, including high contrast B&W jpegs plus DNG files with the thought that I would develop my own presets.  I can get closer with the B&W images but I haven’t matched them either.  The lesson I have learned … if I like/prefer the Leica file renderings I will have to use Leica jpegs.

It also means that there is no way that I can mix and match images from my various cameras if I use jpegs.  So far this hasn’t been a problem since I have used a single camera for each event or output.  I would expect it to be a problem if I mixed camera jpegs in one book.  So far I haven’t in the three books I have made.

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