See for Yourself

I’m just posting these pictures for those who wonder if a one-inch sensor is good enough.  I used the Canon G3X to make these last night handheld.  They are raw files with a little tweaking in Adobe LR.  The moon image was made at maximum 600mm equivalent focal length and then cropped down to almost 100%.  These are not the exceptions.  I made many images and then looked at them all.  There were no significant differences.

I applied no noise reduction.  The picture of Misty was at ISO 1600, which is a good maximum ISO.  ISO 3200 works but requires noise reduction.  The moon ISO was 640.  I used the program mode of the camera and let it choose aperture and shutter speed, but I had dialed the exposure back on the moon image.  I also have the ISO set for “fast” change to keep both the ISO and shutter speed up with the maximum ISO at 1600.  I need to return that to normal change rate and see how it performs.

I wish I had recorded the jpeg so that I could compare them, but I didn’t.  I have been only using the raw files just in case I needed to do any significant adjustments.  I have not tried to use this camera inside for any of my Homewood photography, but I’m working up to it.  I hope to try the G3X with it’s nice long lens from the back of the Omni room.  That will be its ultimate test.  There is no doubt that this size sensor is not as good as larger ones, but it is OK for most uses.