Natural or Vivid

I have been considering making pictures that I might want to later publish in a book about how Hanover, PA looks today.  If I do publish it, I will have to decide on how I want to process the images.  I first thought that I would do it in monochrome, but I am finding that color is an integral part of today’s look.

Assuming I do it in color, I will also have to decide on how I want it to look.  The above are just two examples.  The first is a more natural look and the second is a look that has more contrast and more saturated colors.  I have also been looking at books with similar images that were made in the 50s to 70s of other towns and most of those books went for the more vivid look.  That was probably because they used Kodachrome.  Since I am recording my images as raw files, I don’t have to decide now, but I am looking at variations since they might influence what I photograph.

Another reason for trying different approaches for processing now as I start collecting pictures is that I will be using different cameras and I want to make sure that I can use pictures made with different cameras and process them all so that I have a unified look in the book no matter which camera was used.